Louis Vuitton Replica Speedy 30


Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30

The Classic Monogram Speedy 30

Behold ladies, the Louis Vuitton Replica Monogram Speedy 30, perhaps the finest balance of usefulness and trend of any handbag ever. A fifty year old design that’s never been out of style. (Except maybe for a few days in the 80′s during that ugly, horrible, shoddy, overpriced bag fad….)

While other Louis Vuitton Monogram bags, as well as some Gucci and Fendi styles (that we’re also going to look at) are perhaps more sexy, chic or extravagant, the Speedy 30 is your everyday bag, your bread and butter, and there’s nothing in that category as elegant as this versatile, tough and trendy design. While the authentic is known as a relatively affordable bag, the Speedy is the centerpiece of any LV replica dealer’s collection.

LV Monogram Speedy 30 Features
With it’s rounded edges the Speedy is remarkably spacious and sleek, two very good reasons for it’s popularity. There’s something oh so satisfying and simple about it, and once you have one and realize how functional it is…then you begin to understand why it outsells any other Louis Vuitton replica by double, and has never failed to remain iconic in over 50 years of manufacture.

The size of an authentic Speedy 30 is 11.8″ x 8.3″ x 6.7″.

(Remember there are also Speedy 25, 35 and 45 designs, which differ only in size). Any Louis Vuitton replica you purchase should definitely be exact dimensions.

Other Features to look for:

  • Monogram canvas (Could be Classic, Damier or special editions)
  • 2 cowhide leather handles
  • Brown canvas lining
  • Golden brass hardware
  • Top zipper closure
  • Flat interior pocket
  • Padlock

The Speedy 30 is a Bag With History
The Speedy 30 first launched about 50 years ago as a redefinition of the Keepall travel bag. The Speedy was meant to be an all purpose day to day purse, a smaller version of the carry on luggage it was modeled after. As the story goes, it was created especially for Audrey Hepburn who requested a smaller version of her Keepall from her favorite designer—and Louis Vuitton came through. Don’t you wish you could get what you wanted?

Below you see a picture from one of the very first Speedy 30 ad campaigns featuring Audrey. In the 50 years since, Ms Hepburn’s personal bag has been worn by perhaps more stars than any other purse: From Jessica Simpson to J-Lo, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Ashley Olsen, Lo Bosworth—even Snoop Dogg sported one for a while.

LV Speedy 30 & Audrey Hepburn

One of the first Speedy 30 bags sported by the ever gorgeous Audrey Hepburn.

The Speedy 30 these days sells for about $750. Take note! Louis Vuitton replicas of this design in classic Monogram average $200. Still a huge savings of course, but remember to expect replica perfection baby, because with this bag you can definitely get it. Hey wait, maybe we all can get what we want!

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Buy Cheap Real Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Collection


Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Collection use the leather which Hermes is famous for. In this collection, there are so many of Cheap LV handbags which famous in the world and popular among LV fans. Box and Taurillon are skins that have long been coveted by bag aficionados. They are also been the Great Christmas Gift 2013 to send your mother, friends and family, in great price with real quality at louisevuittonline.com.

 Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Collection

Shop real LV bag online, the great and famous LV SC bag, LV Capucine, Vivienne and Louis Vuitton Alma bag in this collection. Now let us make full enjoy those Authentic LV bags and order them for a cheap online!

Louis Vuitton Alma handbags sale

There is just LV PM Alma bag and MM Alma in this collection, launch this July, this model Louis Vuitton Alma very popular and hot among the world. Now, at louisevuittonline.com, you will find many of styles Alma LV bags offer to sale for free delivery!

Louis Vuitton Parnassea Collection -louis Vuitton SC calf bagLouis vuitton SC calf handabgs collection

When Sofia Coppola visited the Louis Vuitton workshops at Asnières in 2009, she was dreaming of a bag. She wanted it to be precious and unostentatious, a subtle reworking of the iconic forms of the Speedy and Keepall models. Joining the pantheon of the House’s emblematic creations, the Louis Vuitton SC Bag has now been reinvented in small and mini versions, the height of charm and refinement.

Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Collection - Louis Vuitton Capucines bagsLouis Vuitton Capucines Bag

The new Louis Vuitton Capucines bag (also known as Tabor) is a newly remade version of the old discontinued bag of the same name. The Cheap Real LV Capucines is indeed one of the two new bags introduced inside of the collection. The Capucines is made in Taurillon leather, which is grainy and thick and is available in size MM (USD5,150) and size GM (USD5,600).


The Vivienne adopts a light-hearted, youthful silhouette, a luxurious, upbeat urban bag for the daytime. With its clever compartments, everything is in its place, right down to the handy little pocket. Cheap Louis Vuitton Vivienne comes in two versions: one in S-Lock, symbol of Louis Vuitton know-how in the art of travel and craftsmanship, and another in LV Lock, a refined reinterpretation of the iconic Monogram.

Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Collection Wallet louis-vuitton-parnassea-colors

Preciously nestled inside a handbag or carried intrepidly in the hand, these small Louis Vuitton Vivienne Wallets are ready to adapt to every moment in a woman’s life. With their ingenious designs, they keep credit cards, money, IDs, etc. in perfect order. Elegantly adorned in exceptional leathers, enhanced by the House’s signature detailing, they emanate style with a subtle grace.

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Buy Real Louis Vuitton Monogram W Bags Follow Stars


Want to catch latest fashion trends, it is always right to follow those super stars, since they always can got the latest fashion items and trends at the first time, of course you can create your own style, but for the single fashion item, take attention to those fashion stars always make you don’t do wrong. Michelle Williams’s Fall 2013 Louis Vuitton handbags Ad Campaign caused so much buzz that we can think of no better way to celebrate her birthday today than by giving them a second look! Those Cheap LV handbags also been a Great Christmas gift 2013 for the great and biggest festival for us.

The newest Louis Vuitton W Bag 2013 available in five version and colorway design, but at our Louis Vuitton Online Store, there are available four version which include Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94338 W GM Gris,Louis Vuitton Noisette Monogram M40941 W PM Camel, Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94337 W PM Pistache and Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M40942 W PM Brown, we all know those great LV Monogram W Bag must be cost $3,650.00 – $4,650.00 US Dollars, that too much for us, so i choose louisevuittonline.com to pick them in a lower price about $256.99 without shipping fee!

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M40942 W PM Brown

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M40942 W PM Brown

 Louis Vuitton Noisette Monogram M40941 W PM Camel

Louis Vuitton Noisette Monogram M40941 W PM Camel

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94338 W GM Gris

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94338 W GM Gris

 Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94337 W PM Pistache

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94337 W PM Pistache

Louis Vuitton W Bag is a collection of the latest a very pretty and very practical and elegant time in use. Collection of those Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag Sale for release in July 2013, the collection offers five totes shaped W. Monogram W Bag crafted in two different materials that make up the letters W, with detachable shoulder strap included in the bag. Expandable side bag providing more space, or can also be folded in. Available in two size, GM and PM at our Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags Store.

There are so many of Super stars like to carry those Cheap LV handbags when they go to street or attend to the activity. Here we can see Sarah Jessica Parker, about to treat a nearby paparazzo to some very creative hand gestures while walking her son to school in New York City. On her arm is a sunny yellow Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94337 W PM Pistache. From the Michelle Williams’s Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign, we can see she seems very like this pair Louis Vuitton Noisette Monogram M40941 W PM Camel, and of course, she carry it looks beauty and fashion. Also we can see Reese Witherspooon Steps Out With the Louis Vuitton W bags. We are learn from those images that this pair Monogram W LV bags 2013 very popular and hot.


Sarah Jessica Parker with her Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94337 W PM Pistache

 Michelle Williams in the Louis Vuitton Noisette Monogram M40941 W PM Camel Ads

 Reese Witherspooon in Louis Vuitton Noisette Monogram M40941 W PM Camel

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Follow Celebs Carry Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Speedy 25 Bandouliere

Louis Vuitton News

celebs in Louis Vuitton M40764 Speedy Bandouliere 25 Aurore

All of us know the LV Speedy 25 bags very stylish and convenience to carry, there are many of celebs like to carry them in any occasion. But the Speedy 25 has a particularly fascination history. In 1965, Audrey Hepburn, a loyal Louis Vuitton customer, asked Henri-Louis Vuitton to create a smaller version of the Speedy as a Special Order. The Louis Vuitton Bandouliere Speedy 25 became a constant companion of this most stylish of stars, as it has for countless women since.

There’s no denying how adorable the new Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Speedy 25 Bandouliere is, made cuter by the fact that it’s a tiny size 25, and of course, lush by way of the fact that it’s made up entirely of Monogram Empreinte, one of the finest calf leathers around that’s both strong and supple.

Kate Davidson Hudson With Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Speedy 25

Kate Davidson Hudson With Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Speedy 25

From Monogram to Monogram Empreinte, From canvas to leather, the journey made by Louis Vuitton’s celebrated Speedy bag is short but significant. The Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bags as the smallest version in the Speedy line with the cute appearance and wild inner loved by many of LV fans.

Louis Vuitton Shop online, Those great and iconic Cheap Authentic LV Speedy 25 done up in empreinte leather, with a detachable strap that allows you to wear it on your shoulder or cross body. The zip is double zip with gold hardware, reminiscent of the Alma style of bag closure.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Speedy 25 Bandouliere Collection

Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Speedy 25 Bandouliere Collection

We also find those Cheap LV handbags appearance the New York Fashion Week carry by those fashion and great celebs. Those super stars include Kate Davidson Hudson, Kirsten Vines, Pace Wu, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sun Li and so on! The Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Speedy Bandouliere 25 comes in variety of colors which include LV M40758 Speedy 25 Orient,  M40761Speedy 25 Earth, M40762 Speedy 25 Infini, M40764 Speedy  25 Aurore, M40765 Speedy 25 Aube, M40792 Speedy 25 Celeste and M40827 Speedy 25 Jaipur. It measures 10.2″ W x 7.5″ H x 6.7″ D in a removable and adjustable strap. You can Shop Real LV bags online for a nice price with free shipping worldwide at louisevuittonline.com. There are Also available in size 30 of LV Speedy 30 bags.

Sun Li in Louis Vuitton M40762 Speedy Bandouliere 25 Infini

Sun Li in Louis Vuitton M40762 Speedy Bandouliere 25 Infini

Pace Wu in Louis Vuitton M40758 Speedy Bandouliere 25 Orient

Pace Wu in Louis Vuitton M40758 Speedy Bandouliere 25 Orient

Sarah Jessica Parker in Louis Vuitton M40764 Speedy Bandouliere 25 Aurore

Sarah Jessica Parker in Louis Vuitton M40764 Speedy Bandouliere 25 Aurore

Kirsten vines in Louis Vuitton M40764 Speedy Bandouliere 25 Aurore

Kirsten vines in Louis Vuitton M40764 Speedy Bandouliere 25 Aurore

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The Rainbow of Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Colors


The new colors of Louis Vuitton Epi Leather

As far as Louis Vuitton goes, their Epi leather is by far my favorite line. The leather is extremely sturdy and can withstand all sorts of wear and use. I have unfortunately spilled things on my Epi Leather wallet and all it takes is a quick swipe of a cloth to clean off the leather.

Louis Vuitton lovers worldwide will be beyond thrilled with the plethora of new Epi Leather colors. Most of the time we expect a couple new colors to be added, but Louis Vuitton has added a shade of every color of the rainbow (15 colors to be exact) and then some for their Spring 2012 line.

The Epi Alma is available in every new colorway, and this is by far one of the most classic and well-received designs by LV over all time. Along with the Alma, there are plenty of other items in Epi leather that are available as well. Louis Vuitton took on colorblocking as well, a trend that has yet to loose traction, and to be honest this is some of the best colorblocking I have seen in a while.

From charms, to card cases, to a variety of bags, the new colorways from the Louis Vuitton Epi collection are a delight for the eyes and the arms.

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Buy Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 New Monogram Pallas Bag


The Pallas, is the newest member in Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Collection. This New Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag is a chic and simple bag with an alluring fusion of the iconic Monogram canvas, natural cowhide leather trim, and multi-colored calf leather. In the new Louis Vuitton Pallas Collection, there are several colorway offer to choose from, Louis Vuitton M40908 Pallas Quetsche and Louis Vuitton M40906 Pallas Aurore are very popular among LV fans. Now, you can pick them at louisevuittonline.com in a nice price with free delivery worldwide!

Louis Vuitton M40906 Pallas Aurore

Louis Vuitton M40906 Pallas Aurore

Louis Vuitton M40907 Pallas Havane

Louis Vuitton M40907 Pallas Havane

Louis Vuitton M40908 Pallas Quetsche

Louis Vuitton M40908 Pallas Quetsche

Louis Vuitton M40929 Pallas Safran

Louis Vuitton M40929 Pallas Safran

This Pallas Authentic LV bag just released this month, it is a tote bag in Monogram Canvas with toron handles. Includes bags and customized with removable strap with double zip closure. Cheap Louis Vuitton Pallas has a signature monogrammed Louis Vuitton Paris embossed fine. Golden brass pieces of metal and two interior pockets are very beautiful. Those newest Cheap LV Pallasnow available four colors, M40908 Pallas Quetsche,M40906 Pallas Aurore, M40929 Pallas Safran and M40907 Pallas Havane in a perfect size at 34 x 26 x 12 cm . Those very unusual and greatLouis Vuitton Shop online now only $230.99.

Buy 1 Item, Save 3%; 2 Items, Save 6%; 3 Or More, Save 10% Plus Free Shipping Worldwide!!!

Louis Vuitton Aurore Monogram Pallas Bag detailed view

Louis Vuitton Aurore Monogram Pallas Bag detailed images

Louis Vuitton Quetsche Monogram Pallas Bag detailed images

shop Louis Vuitton Quetsche Monogram Pallas Bag online

2013 Louis Vuitton Quetsche Monogram Pallas Bag collection

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