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The Speedy Doctor Bag is a modern modification of the iconic Speedy Bag. The first-version was crafted in full leather, but recently the house has released the Louis Vuitton Speedy Doctor Bag mixed with Monogram Canvas and Leather. The impact was immediately recognized, the feel of the overall appearance have completely shifted. This bag is exclusively introduced for the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection.

The Design

The full leather Speedy Doctor Bag looks amazing due to the streamlined and minimalistic body. The Speedy Doctor Bag with Monogram Canvas looks both classic and modern – there is a good balance.


The Louis Vuitton Classic Doctor’s Bag
Pictures courtesy of: 1stdibs

The Speedy Doctor Bag is inspired by the Classic Doctor’s Bag, which clarify the shape. The top and the side are crafted with calf leather while the lower part of the front and part of the side are made from Monogram Canvas.

You can carry the bag by hand with two top torron handles or you can sling it on your shoulder thanks to the strap. The handle and the strap are both crafted from Monogram Canvas.


The top is made with clasp metal closure and it’s also refined with a metal plate in gold hardware. Just below the clasp, Louis Vuitton created a tag with a diamond symbol, which is one of the symbols from the Monogram.

The Interior


The interior is made with microfiber-lining. Inside you will find the main compartment as well as a flat pocket, double flat pocket and an inside pocket with Monogram Canvas.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 9.8’ x 7.1’ x 6.3’ inches, priced at $3700 USD, $4450 CAD, €2600 EUR, £2430 GBP, $30500 HKD, $4750 AUD, ¥433080 JPY, 28100 CNY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.

More Images And Colors





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Louis Vuitton News


Doesn’t Shopbop knows what kind of bag this is? Maybe not, that’s why they didn’t put the right name in the description. Ladies, this is a discontinued Louis Vuiton bag that I haven’t seen for YEARS. Want to know more?

The name of this bag is not WGACA Vintage Cherry Blossom, but it’s Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Papillon bag. What a unique sample, pink blossom flowers all over the monogram canvas bag. Who is the brain behind this work? Well, it’s Takashi Murakami, a well known international artist from Japan. He was also responsible for the smiling cartoon faces on the monogram canvas bags. These were all limited editions and were discontinued in June 2003.

The Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom was not made to look chic, but more as a fun and genuine collectable item. The Japanese blossom flowers representing the spring/summer appeal and with the knot behind the closure, it actually looks very cute.

A discontinued handbag? It’s no suprise there is just ONE left. Available at shopbop for $2,090.

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Louis Vuitton News


The epidemic first started in 2008 when words were spread that the Louis Vuitton Trouville bag in multi-colorwill be discontinued. Those who had waited, regretted, and ran to Louis Vuitton boutique hoping to get the last piece before it went out-of-stock. And others who had heard the news too late couldn’t belief it was gone forever.

Then Louis Vuitton made its last move in 2010, as it wasn’t enough, they decided to discontinue the Louis Vuitton Trouville mono bag too. Awh, what a huge shame! So what kind of accessory was the Louis Vuitton Trouville bag?

It’s a cute top handle that had the potential to become one of the most popular Louis Vuitton multi-color bag. And so small that could probably carry it around with just three fingers. The rainbow colors on a white background made sure that it was noticeable, playful and lady-like. A must have that could easily be your everyday essential, especial when you find out that it has a small, but substantial roomy front pocket specially made to grasp any instant items within hand reach. Oh, and did I mentioned anything about the gold polished corner hardware? It’s similar to the Alexander Wang Marion hardware and it’s made to protect your bag.

Whether it is summer or winter, this bag will adapt. Match it with casual styles like slouchy-pant, simple-short dressed and tees. At Shopbop for $1,900.


While the Louis Vuitton boutique has a lot of choices, the discontinued bags are the ones that increase value over time. For the bag collectors, who love to see another limited piece in their wardrobe, this is a steal of a deal.

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Louis Vuitton News


Today we want to remind you of a bag that has earned its right to be the next item on your wish list. And we wouldn’t be disappointed if Santa Clause could help us scratch this bag off our list. Louis Vuitton put it easily together in two words: ‘Our Louis Vuitton Noe BB bags are Effortlessly Elegant’. Hashtag I Like.

Do you love colors? Yes you do, Citron? Figue or Piment? Well, if you are like me, I want them all. If Louis Vuitton accidentally gave me one as a gift, I would disappear in two seconds, in case they made a mistake. That’s how much I love it. The new Noé BB bag is jaw dropping, the epi embellishment is reflecting the colors back to the surroundings. If it is on your shoulder, people will look at it once or twice and think: ‘I wish my boyfriend could buy me one’. Louis Vuitton products are built to last, and if not, their customer service will ultimately satisfy you. I have a speedy for five years, the zipper came loose. I went to Louis Vuitton boutique and they fixed it without extra charge.

Not many girls love an oversized luggage bag on their shoulder and so, the designers at Louis Vuitton cleverly created a smaller size, that’s probably how it got its name ‘BB’. Keep the Noé BB bag loose but comfortable on your shoulder or adjust the strap to cross body. This is one of the best fashion and timeless bag you could ever wish to match with your casual outfits. It’s an icon on its own as the style has been introduced since 1932. And if you already have enough of shoulder bags and totes, perhaps it’s time to break-up and try something new.

At Louis Vuitton e-store for $1,530 USD.







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Louis Vuitton News

The Louis Vuitton Building was first opened on the Champ Elysees in 1913, it was considered one of the largest designer store for travel goods in the world. Later on, more stores has been opened in large cities like New York, London and Washington. The first iconic Noé bag was launched in 1932 and quickly followed by the speedy bag, both bags are still available today.

We know the Louis Vuitton speedy bag in many forms, it has been molded, re-painted, embroidered even fringed. In 2003, a well known Japanese artist named Murakami has created cherry blossom pattern on the speedy, which were released as limited editions. A bag that has a rich history of more than 50 years, have you ever wondered how it is put together? What makes the Louis Vuitton speedy bag so captivating besides its age.

Well, Louis Vuitton gave CR Fashion an exclusive view on their production. For a single bag, over 400 fabrication and treatments are needed, 12 pieces of high quality leather is assembled and put together and 9 pieces of hard is used. From all the iconic bags that we know, the speedy bag is one of the most affordable luxury that you will be proud to own.


The Leather


The Handles


The Hardware




The Louis Vuitton Speedy in Embossed Python

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Louis Vuitton News


Yesterday while we were sourcing for the ins-and-outs of the adorable Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag, we accidentally stumbled upon a precious charm that we know you will love. It looked so cute that we are obligated to share on Bragmybag. Introducing the Louis Vuitton Vivienne Charm.

If we can describe in three words the production process of this luxurious jewelry, that would be: ‘only the finest’, starting off with the white gold miniature that has been painstakingly handcrafted to reproduce the exact same deep navy blue and black shade you will find in the Vivienne bag. The materials has been carefully chosen to match the color of the original bag as closely as possible.

When it comes to smaller sizes, we expect them to be cheaper. But when there’s a Louis Vutton logo stamped on the item, the opposite is true. You can easily walk away with a brand-new Vivienne bag for $4,150 and flaunt it with your friends. But the vivienne charm, though 10 times smaller in size, is priced at 3,550 GBP, which is roughly $5,600 USD. Before you click away, do know that it’s made from white gold. Perhaps a bit expensive, but when it’s a gift for someone special, it’s worth every penny. At Louis Vuitton e-store or boutique.

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